The Residential Tenancies Regulations 2021 requires the mandatory testing of smoke alarms in all residential rental properties every 12 months.

Smoke alarms save lives. Without a compliant smoke alarm, a fire can seriously damage or destroy your property, cause serious injury or even death.

As REIV’s exclusive smoke alarm partner and trusted leader in the field, the team at Smarthouse provide peace of mind when it comes to smoke alarm safety.

Are your smoke alarms clean?
Have they expired?
Are they still compliant and positioned correctly?

Smarthouse technicians are fully trained in all aspects of smoke alarms, including the Victorian Building Authority Practice Note 2006-27 together with industry and manufacturer recommendations.

A smoke alarm safety check by Smarthouse Australia includes:

  • The replacement of both mains and battery-operated smoke alarms, if faulty or expired;
  • The installation of additional alarms, where necessary to meet regulations;
  • An assessment of locational positioning of all smoke alarms within the property;
  • A simulation smoke test
  • A decibel reading
  • A clean of all units
  • Battery replacement, and an
  • Assessment of each alarms’ expiry date

Contact our team to discuss your requirements and ensure the protection of you and your renters (tenants) today.

NB: These tests are a summary of tests completed and are subject to change. For a full list of tests please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

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