The Residential Tenancies Regulations require mandatory gas safety checks every 2 years.

Carbon monoxide (CO) cannot be detected by human senses. It is an odourless, tasteless and colourless gas.

Any gas appliance can emit carbon monoxide. Therefore, posing significant harm to residents without warning.

As REIV’s exclusive gas safety partner and trusted leaders in the field, the team at Smarthouse provide you and your renters (tenants) with peace of mind.

Gas safety checks by Smarthouse Australia include the following:

Installation checks, where applicable:

  • LPG cylinders and associated gas components are installed correctly;
  • Appliance gas isolation valves are installed where required by AS/NZS 5601.1 “Gas installations”, as published or amended from time to time;
  • Gas appliances and their components are accessible for servicing and adjustment; that the gas installation is electrically safe;
  • Clearances from appliances to combustible surfaces are in accordance with installation instructions and AS/NZS5601.1 “Gas installations”, as published or amended from time to time;
  • There is adequate ventilation for appliances to operate safely;
  • Gas appliances (including cookers) are adequately restrained from tipping over;
  • Checking the condition of gas appliance flue systems including chimneys;
  • Checking gas appliances for evidence of certification

Servicing of gas appliances, as follows:

  • Clean all dust and debris from appliances including burner, pilot, fan, filters and air intakes;
  • Check of the integrity of the heat exchanger;
  • Check of the gas supply and appliance operating pressures;
  • Check that the gas appliance burner ignition is reliable and complete;
  • Check for any gas appliance flame abnormality; a check of the operation of the gas appliance, including safety devices; and
  • A combustion spillage test in accordance with Appendix F of AS4575 “Gas appliances — Servicing of Type A appliances”, as published or amended from time to time, after service or repair of the heater;

All Smarthouse Australia reports provide documentation as required under the RTR 2021.

Smarthouse Australia’s team of fully qualified Type A service gasfitters can guide you through the requirements and current Regulations.

All gas safety checks and tests carried out by Smarthouse are in accordance with Australian Standards AS/NZ 5601 and AS 4575.

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NB: These tests are a summary of tests completed and are subject to change. All testing is approved by the Victorian Building Authority and Energy Safe Victoria. Please also refer to our Terms & Conditions.

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