Methamphetamine – What is it?

Methamphetamine or ice, chalk, glass, P etc is a highly addictive chemical-based stimulant that affects the central nervous system.

How does it harm your tenants?

Unfortunately, some properties are used for purposes that are not legal. Smoke produced from the manufacturing and use of methamphetamine is not only harmful to the user but will linger in the property for many years by penetrating into porous materials including paint, plaster, wood, carpet, furniture, air conditioning systems and heating/cooling vents.

Due to the extreme level of toxins, once it has been absorbed into furnishings within a property, it may take as long as 200 years to break down, in the meantime creating a poisoned environment for any human to reside within.

Common health issues caused by exposure to meth residue in a dwelling may include:

  • Respiratory problems among children and asthmatics
  • Disrupted sleep patterns amongst children
  • Changed behavioral patterns in children
  • General higher susceptibility to illness
  • Irritation to skin and eyes

Poisoning from Methamphetamine residue could create litigation claims against property managers and landlords, In addition, decontamination works may not be covered by insurance companies and can cost over $30000, depending on the extent of contamination.

Our methamphetamine safety test

Smarthouse offers a concise Base Composite Meth Screening service to ascertain if Meth is present in a property. This test determines if the level exceeds the national acceptable standard of a maximum of 0.5μg/100cm².

In the event the result indicates higher than acceptable levels, in depth room sampling is required. As usual, Smarthouse will notify you if this is the case.

All Smarthouse service Technicians are trained to the highest possible level of competency with results available within just a few days from samples being taken.